Trolling for Spanish Mackerel off Carolina Beach, NC is a lot of fun is does not require a long boat ride offshore for you can begin to fish as soon as you clear the inlet.

Date of the trip May Saturday 16,2020 left out of Carolina Beach Inlet around 07:15 am the first-named tropical storm Author had created a bad current here at Carolina Beach causing the inlet to be gnarley. Tackle used class custom trolling rods with 12 H Penn International reels filled with Ande 30 lb. test line, a #1 Sea Striker Planer with a ball bearing swivel attached to the ring of the planer, and a ball bearing swivel attached to a 25′ 30 lb.test leader with a 00 silver Clark spoon. On today’s fishing trip I only pulled two lines one only about 10′ off the starboard sided of the boat, my long line is positioned on the port side of the boat, all turns should be made to the right this keeps lines from tangling allowing you to make a circle when you find the fish, this is a proper boat technique used here in Carolina Beach by the charter and commercial fisherman.

The bite started out a little slow catching only a few fish off Carolina Beach Inlet I suggested to Dan to troll north up to Wrightsville Beach allowing us to enter their inlet which is a lot safer. the bite seemed to pick up some as we trolled to the north, the seas also seemed to layout and become glassy making for a nice day on the water, with a nice catch of Spanish Mackerel.

I am inserting a video of our Spanish mackerel fishing trip hope you enjoy it, our beach has opened up now, the Covid- 19 has really hurt our local businesses, I expect our restaurants to reopen before Memorial Day. Everyone be safe when traveling hope to see you here at Carolina Beach, NC this summer.