The Cape Fear Guide, Capt. Mike Dennis is available to pick-up charters at the Bald Head Island Marina this makes it ideal for guests staying at Bald Head Island. There is a $20.00 pick-up fee added to the Bald Head Island Charters, due to a charge Capt. Mike has to pay for using the Bald Head Island docks. Inshore fishing abounds in the creeks behind Bald Head Island, Bald Head Creek, Fishing Creek, Cape Creek, Bay Creek, Deep Creek are all excellent places to catch the Red Drum, Flounder, Speckled Trout. Capt. Mike uses live bait tactics to catch the inshore species, using artificial bait when the bite demands a different bait.
These inshore charters are a great way to experience the outdoors for the scenery in these creeks are really beautiful and peaceful with a variety of coastal birds to admire in their natural settings.